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Time to get Back on Track

Last week I had my vent session about Kyle Shanahan and now that it’s out the way it is time to get this team back on track. I never thought Kyle should be fired but I felt the criticism was deserved and shows by our 2-3 record to start the season. Now by no means is the season over and fans should already be thinking about next year. 10-12 wins is still very much in our future and would secure a wild card spot. If we can get hot (and stay healthy) for a playoff run what team in the NFC is truly dominate? Sure, the Cardinals are undefeated, but we played them extremely well in a rookie QB’s first start. The Rams are a team we have always fared well against, and Tampa Bay doesn’t quite look like they have the same dominant defense as they did a year ago. The NFC is wide open and all we must do is get in the tournament.

It all starts this week in what should be the game that gets us back on track. The Colts are no cake walk and the key will be to stop a very talented back in Jonathan Taylor. The Niners need to force Wentz to beat us (as he is known to beat himself) and our defense has been the strength all year so no reason to expect anything different this week. The Colts have a variety of injuries both on the O-Line and secondary which should make for a long night for Mr. Wentz and easy passing lanes for Jimmy G.

What I am most excited to see this week is the offense! Now I am not going to get into it, on who should start at QB, as it will be Garoppolo if he is healthy. If he wins games, I really don’t care who is the starter. What I want to see is the 49ers return to being a dominant ground team. Besides week 1 we really haven’t seen much from the ground game and regardless of who is at QB that will be the key to their success. And I have to say it one more time…can we get Ayuik the damn ball this week!!! I think he plays a much bigger role in the offense, and we get him involved early with screens and end arounds. Coming off a bye all 49er fans should expect a big W this week and to get back on track for our playoff push!

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