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THE NFL Mock Draft 2024 - Bonus full 7 Round 49er Mock

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Max Kiper Jr. is BACK!

Alright - is the DL play at 31 one you like??? Curious when we got off the Receiver early train. Are we also operating under the assumption that Aiyuk's situation gets handled and he returns? Mock draft aside... if you were Niners GM what are you doing at 31 and 63?

Bonus - live look at Wafa while Max spent 7.5hrs locked in his office writing a mock draft for his 11 readers:


Huge fan of Robinson and it's good value at 31. If DET doesn't trade back I think they select Robinson at 29. We are keeping Aiyuk but I do like the receivers in this draft. If it were me I'd go Robinson at 31 and Malachi Corley at 63. But they love Rosengarten and I don't think they risk missing out on him. Javon Baker is going to be a stud so he is a nice constellation prize.


Ben Griffin
Ben Griffin

Great to have you back Coach! The New-Dad wisdom is oozing out of these picks. Let’s hope your son is a better draft mocker than Underdog picker.

Couple standouts for me

  • Vikings are so back. JJ to JJ, print the shirts!

  • Denver QB room is going to be a shitshow

  • Philly - Glad to see you're definitely not still thinking about how they beat you in 2023 NFC Championship (which I love)

  • Chargers Byron Murphy - “Space Eater” made me giggle. You keep this lingo up and you’re on your way to an ESPN set.

  • Packers - As a Vikings fan, glad to see them supporting the white guys at CB initiative. JJ and JJ appreciate it too.

  • Police 26-27…

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