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49ers on Primetime! The best rivalry in the NFL today: 49ers vs. the Cowboys. It's time to show the world that there's not a shadow of a doubt about which team is the best in the NFL today. It has to be exhausting being a Cowboys fan during these games. You get all psyched up thinking you're finally going to beat the 49ers, only to have the inevitable letdown and depressing few days that follow. Sucks to suck.

I do expect this game to be close throughout. The game will turn on a Dak pick. Dak throwing picks to the 49ers is as big of a guarantee as Taylor Swift writing a song about Travis Kelce in a few months. Expect Nick BOSAAAAAA to continue to play well and finally get the sack's number to back it up – I expect 2 tonight from the Bear.

Final score prediction – 49ers 34, Cowboys 23

For all my Underdog fans we have some excellent selections for this game. Here are my top 5 favorite Underdog picks.

Christina McCaffrey 0.5 Rushing TDs – Higher

Brandon Aiyuk 60.5 Receiving yards – Higher

George Kittle 39.5 Receiving yards – Higher

Dak 0.5 Interceptions – Higher

CeeDee Lamb 65.5 Receiving yards – Higher

Let’s go win some money!

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