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The Must Win

Finally, a much-needed win! Hot damn I forgot how good it feels when the 49ers get the W. 7th game of the year typically isn’t a must win but this one had that feeling for the 49ers and they delivered. The beginning of the game wasn’t quite what we all expected. The offense looked sluggish and the defense couldn’t seem to get the Bears off the field. But the defense only surrendered one TD in the first half which kept us in the game.

Holy Deebo in the 2nd half! That 80+ yard screen pass saved our whole season. Not just the game, the entire season. That man is so fun to watch, and I love that we just keep feeding him the ball.

Mr. 6th round pick Eli Mitchell continues to impress in a workhorse role. Back-to-back 100-yard games and Shanahan looks to have this ground attack back to 49er standards.

Let’s give a shoutout to that good looking QB Jimmy G! Lookin like Trey Lance out there putting his head down and rushing in for 2 scores. I know Trey is the future, but Jimmy gives it his all out there and we can win a lot of games with him this year.

Last but not least we had a Brandon Ayuik sighting, I knew he still could play football! 4 catches for 45 yards may not seem like much but I think it’s a turning point. He had a few good punt returns and my goodness put on the move of the season for the 2 point conversion in the 4th quarter. The explosiveness is there, now time to unleash him on the rest of the league.

I could write about some of the struggles like the offense starting slow and the defensive impediments, but I am too jacked up on that win so let’s just celebrate it!

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