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49ers Win/Loss Prediction

Week 1: 49ers @ Lions

Best case scenario for the 49ers here as they get the worst team in the league to start the year. I expect the 49ers to be hitting on all cylinders and crush the Lions, something Goff should be used to when he plays the Niners.

Verdict: Win (1-0)

Week 2: 49ers @ Eagles

Back-to-back on the road to start and a slightly tougher test this week but still expecting a double-digit victory here. Hurts O-line should be better than last year but with Bosa back I expect him to be under duress all day and the 49er's defense will force multiple turnovers. 49ers cruise to a 2-0 start.

Verdict: Win (2-0)

Week 3: Packers @ 49ers

The Packers finally got a victory against us last year with all of our good players injured. Things go back to reality this year and I think the 49ers run right through the Packers just like we did in the 2019 NFC Championship game.

Verdict: Win (3-0)

Week 4: Seahawks @ 49ers

For me, this is when the season truly starts, no team plays us better than Seattle. I am glad the first matchup is at home, and I have to imagine we will have a better game plan this year against DK Metcalf as he destroyed us both games the previous year. A healthy Kittle, Ayuik, and Deebo pull out the victory for us in a hard-fought battle, as the 49ers are far more talented than the Seahawks.

Verdict: Win (4-0)

Week 5: 49ers @ Cardinals

Ever since Kyler Murray has entered the league, he has given the 49ers fits. This year is no different and I expect the Cardinals to be playing desperation football as I believe they will come into this game with a 2-2 record. Early in the year a healthy JJ Watt and Chandler Jones rattle Jimmy G and the Cardinals hand us our first loss of the season.

Verdict: Loss (4-1)

Week 6: Bye Week

If the 49ers lose against Seattle and Arizona entering the bye week at 3-2 expect a lot of rumblings about Trey Lance being the starter in week 7. For now, I have them going 4-1 and Jimmy keeps the job... for now...

Week 7: Colts @ 49ers

I love this matchup and think both teams will finish the year with top 5 defenses. So much talent on both sides of the ball for Indy. The 49ers will be facing an extremely motivated Deforest Buckner and that will cause major problems for us on the offensive side of the ball. Colts defense will cause multiple turnovers and make it a happy homecoming for DeFo.

Verdict: Loss (4-2)

Week 8: 49ers @ Bears

It’s Trey Lance’s first career start in week 8! Coming off back-to-back losses the switch at QB gives the team spark plug, as well as a fun storyline seeing Trey matchup against fellow first-round QB Justin Fields. The Bears defense keeps it close, but the 49ers are too talented even on the road for Chicago. Trey Lance gets his first career victory on the road.

Verdict: Win (5-2)

Week 9: Cardinals @ 49ers

49ers get their revenge in week 9. Trey brings such a different element to this offense I think it will be near impossible to stop him in his first year until the rest of the league gets more film on him. Trey Lance gets us back on track and wins his first two starts.

Verdict: Win (6-2)

Week 10: Rams @ 49ers

I can’t wait for this game. The Rams getting Stafford has made them the most overrated team in the league and it won’t change a damn thing against the 49ers who the Rams couldn’t be last year when we had Nick Mullens at QB. 49ers run for over 200 yards and deliver a big message to the NFC West.

Verdict: Win (7-2)

Week 11: 49ers@ Jaguars

It will be fun to see the Trevor Lawrence vs. Trey Lance storylines but a huge team advantage for Lance here. The Jags should be exciting, but still have a few years before they are a playoff-caliber team. 49ers win easily and continue the winning streak.

Verdict: Win (8-2)

Week 12: Vikings @ 49ers

I plan on being at this game so we may get some live stream blogging action here! Vikings should be much improved from last year but we all know how Kirk Cousins fairs in big games..needless to say, I have the 49ers winning at home here. Kirk may not LIKE THAT but expect a few turnovers from him against a stifling 49ers defense.

Verdict: Win (9-2)

Week 13: 49ers @ Seahawks

Always a great game when these two teams play and this one should be no different. I expect it to go down to the final minute, but it pains me to write I see Seattle pulling it out late at home. A split between division rivals as most years give us, and Trey Lance gets handed his first career loss.

Verdict: Loss (9-3)

Week 14: 49ers @ Bengals

A good bounce-back matchup here after a tough loss in Seattle. I expect a high-scoring affair as the Bengals have all sorts of weapons for Joe Burrow but a shaky offensive line and a terrible defense for the Bengals will be their downfall. 49ers run game and pass rush is too much and the 49ers get back to their winning ways on the road.

Verdict: Win (10-3)

Week 15: Falcons @ 49ers

Atlanta stole a victory from the 49ers late in the 2019 season and the coaching staff ensures that does not happen again. Atlanta has a terrible run defense and should make for big days for Mostert, Sermon, and Trey lance running all over the field. Good times keep rolling, Niners Win!

Verdict: Win (11-3)

Week 16: 49ers @ Titans

Two dominant rushing teams will make for a dog fight in this one. Derrick Henry and AJ Brown have big games which are bad news for the 49ers. Add that with a long trip to Tennessee and Christmas isn’t as sweet losing two days before.

Verdict: Loss (11-4)

Week 17: Texans @ 49ers

49ers get the Texans after a rough road loss, and I’d imagine the Texans will have the worst record in the league at this point. With Deshaun or without Deshaun the 49ers blow out the Texans for an easy victory.

Verdict: Win (12-4)

Week 18: 49ers @ Rams

As the case in many years, the 49ers finish the year against the Rams. Just like the last two years they complete the season sweep and secure the #1 spot in the NFC.

Verdict: Win (13-4)

That’s a wrap for the 2021 season!!! 13-4 should get us to the #1 seed in the conference and make the Super Bowl run that much easier. One of the most exciting aspects of the 2021 season will be when will we see Trey Lance? I can’t imagine he sits for the entire year, and I also can’t imagine an entire year where Jimmy G doesn’t get hurt. The back-to-backs early on against Seattle and Arizona leading into the bye are something to watch. A rough start could lead to us seeing Trey early on. Either way, I expect big things from the 49ers this year!

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