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Well Well Well....

The 49ers are back! Wow these last 3 weeks have been fun! Not only do we look great on the field, but we are also back in the playoffs (as of now) and looked poised to capture the 5th or 6th seed. At last, this team has re-gained its identity as a run first power football team. Last week marks 3 straight weeks of 40+ carries (ok fine last week was 39 but close enough) which is just an absurd number. The complete opposite of what anyone would do in Madden. Not to mention we beat two playoff caliber teams during this win streak. Even though every 49er fan knows we will sweep the Rams year in and year out it doesn’t feel any less great when we deliver. I’m pretty sure #99 knows who Deebo is now.

DeMeco has the defense playing great against the pass and expect Nick BOSAAAAAAAA to be ending this year with a shiny new DPO award in his trophy case. The man is unblockable and a sack per game seems like a guarantee at this point. Biggest surprise for this defense must be Josh Norman leading the league in forced fumbles, that stat still blows my mind. He may not be the lock down corner who fist fought OBJ but he is doing a solid job for us and with the LBs and pass rush playing well that is all we need. DeMeco has the boys flying around the field and the team as a whole is looking in 2019 form.

Bring on Seattle!

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