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Red and Gold’s short hiatus is finally over, and the 49ers are back in the PLAYOFFS!! Two great things all in the same week.

What a road it was to get here and in typical 49er fashion, we beat the Rams in one of the most exciting games of the year. Now on to Dallas.

There is not a better matchup in Round 1 for the 49ers. I didn’t want to deal with a division foe nor would I want to start the playoffs facing Tom Brady (he can wait till round 2). Dallas is a good, not great team that we match up with very well.

Let’s start with the defense. The Niners are 7th against the run and if Dallas can’t get Zeke/Pollard going, it typically means a long day for Dak and exciting news for the recent All-Pro SNUBBED Nick Bosa. I expect the defense to force Dallas into a one-dimensional offense and let our pass rushers loose on Mr. Prescott.

Now to the offense. I can’t imagine anyone feeling more confident in sports right now than Jimmy G. All the hate, all the people wanting him benched at halftime (it’s me, I was the people) in the Rams game, and boom he goes and delivers an all-time comeback in a must-win game. The man has nothing to lose! He is out after this year regardless so go out and sling it Jimmy! The Cowboy’s defense is 16th against the run, and I think the 49ers find success early and often with Mitchell and Deebo. What has me most excited is the Cowboys play the most man defense in football. Once we establish the run game the play-action shots should be effective against man to man and the Cowboys have absolutely no answer for George Kittle. I expect him to have a monster day.

All the pressure is on Dallas at home, and we know Dallas is not a team to step up in a big game situation! I see no reason why they start now. 49ers win and the road to the SuperBowl begins in Dallas.

I don't know about Y'all but I want a Victory!

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