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The Trey Lance Era Has Begun

By gawd that’s Trey Lances Music!!!!

What an exciting day and new era for the 49ers. We get Trey a little earlier than expected but it comes at a great time as this team and fanbase needed some sort of spark to get this season back on track. Every time he gets on the field it is electric and I can’t wait to see a full game plan to show off his unique skill set. He has a tough matchup against the Cardinals but a beatable defense who will be without their top corner Byron Murphy Jr. Of course, we lost Kittle for at least 3 weeks but expect Deebo to be running loose throughout the secondary today. The key for an upset will be Trey Lance using his legs to make plays, if the pass isn’t there, I hope he takes off and runs as we need at least 60 rush yards from him to keep the defense guessing.

Defensively we need to force some turnovers. Kyler can get cocky and make tough throws where he gives the defense an opportunity to take the ball away, we can’t miss those opportunities. Help Trey get his first win D!

Expect lots of points in an entertaining game but this is all about Trey Day and the 49ers are going to pull off the upset!!! The Cardinals are new to being an elite team and seems like the perfect game for them to overlook and get cocky. Let’s get em boys!

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