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The Return

RedandGoldRunDown is officially back!

Michael Jordan comes back to the Bulls. Tom Brady comes back for one more year. Magic Johnson returns to the court. And now, on August 22nd, 2023, RedandGoldRunDown returns after a 535-day hiatus. Get ready for more content featuring the same bullish takes, accompanied by consistently hilarious commentary on all things NFL. After the devastating NFC Title game debacle, where even my 4-year-old niece seemed like a better option at QB than the player the 49ers had for most of that game, it's time to shift our focus to the 2023 season. We won't dwell on the forgettable 2022 season; instead, let's dive into what the upcoming year has in store.

Every year, each team, player, and fan enters the season with exceptionally high hopes, firmly believing that "our guys" will emerge as the next breakout stars in their respective positions. However, as the year unfolds, inevitably there are players who experience a sharp decline in performance, while others burst into stardom. So, I'm here to spare you the drama and anticipation by revealing my predictions for the Top 3 to 5 players in each position group when the 2023 Season ends.


1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Joe Burrow

3. Justin Herbert

4. Trevor Lawrence

5. Josh Allen

The Top 2 are no surprise but get ready for the Herbert and T-Law show this year. Both are primed for huge years, and I expect this Top 5 to remain consistent for the next decade. Ok fine plus Caleb Williams.

Running Backs

1. Christian McCaffrey

2. Nick Chubb

3. Bijan Robinson

This isn’t fantasy football so no Ekeler or Saquon for me on the list. McCaffrey should have the best year of his career and we’re all about to witness a brand-new star in Bijan Robinson. The Falcons may not win many games, but Bijan will be worth the price of admission week in and week out.

Wide Receiver

1. Justin Jefferson

2. Jamar Chase

3. Tyreek Hill

4. Cooper Kupp

5. Garret Wilson

Not the most exciting list as it is mainly chalk minus Garret Wilson. With Rodgers at the helm, I think he explodes on the scene and has all the talent in the world to do so. I expect a drop-off from Diggs and Davante Adams this year with AJ Brown and CeeDee Lamb just missing out on the top 5 list.

Tight End

1. Travis Kelce

2. George Kittle

3. Mark Andrews

Boring. I know. But that’s the list.

Offensive Line

1. Trent “Silverback” Williams

2. Zach Martin

3. Laremy Tunsil

4. Creed Humphrey

5. Andrew Thomas

You didn’t expect me to break down offensive line for all 5 spots, did you? Ok good. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, how can I not put Lane Johnson on this list? The dude commits a false start every goddamn play so gtfo here with all that. Not on my list. Fine, Humphrey over Jason Kelce is slightly suspect but fuck the Eagles. This is a 49ers blog.

Defensive End

1. Nick “The Bear” BOSAAAAAAA

2. TJ Watt

3. Micah Parsons

4. Myles Garret

5. Maxx Crosby

One of the easiest lists to make. You’re lucky I didn’t just put BOSAAAA in all 5 spots.

Defensive Tackle

1. Chris Jones

2. Aaron Donald

3. Quinnen Williams

People think Aaron Donald needs to be the highest on everyone’s list every year regardless of how he plays anymore (looking at you Madden). While he is still great, Chris Jones has taken over the top DT spot and will continue that dominance this year. In the past 2 seasons, Chris Jones has 24.5 sacks to Donald's 17.5. Rounding out the DT list is the politest defensive player the NFL has to offer.


1. Jaire Alexander

2. Patrick Surtain II

3. Sauce Gardner

4. Denzel Ward

5. AJ Terrell

That’s right no Jalen Ramsey. This will be a tough year for Ramsey, and I think we see a major drop-off. I didn’t have a ton of hope for him pre-injury but now out until December, I don’t think we will ever get the Jacksonville version of Ramsey again.


1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

2. Derwin James

3. Justin Simmons

4. Kevin Byard

5. Talanoa Hufanga

Give me all the Hufanga hype I can get my hands on. Mini Polamalu continues to be a breakout star this year.


1. Justin Tucker

2. Jake Moody

3. Daniel Carlson

4. Evan McPherson

5. Harrison Butker

Yeah, this blog does Kickers! That’s the kind of blue-collar hard work and research you can expect week in and week out. It’s not all just touchdowns and big hits, Kickers are people too. Jake Moody the gem of a 3rd round pick by the 49ers will show everyone that round 3 is NOT too high to pick a stud kicker. For playoff-bound teams, a clutch and dependable Kicker is a necessity. When he kicks the game-winner in the Super Bowl I may have had him too low.

Red and Gold Rundown is back, you're welcome.

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