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Sundays are for the… Girls?

Ok, let’s not go that far. But everything is more enjoyable when you know more about it. So this one is for the ladies! Don’t think I forgot about you. With Football being back, I am sure there’s lots of talk about the NFL and fantasy football around the office or amongst friends, some of which I am sure are dumb and annoying. But this blog is here to equip you with some great one-liners so you can fit right in and, more importantly, have better knowledge than the guys. The key to one-liners is to drop them and leave. Don’t allow for follow-up questions, ladies. Don’t let your knowledge be questioned!

10 One-Liners for the NFL Season

1. I really think Jaxon Smith-Njigba (JACK son SMITH in JIG buh) outscores Metcalf and Lockett. He did the same thing to Wilson and Olave at Ohio St!

2. Brutal loss for the Chiefs – I just don’t think Mahomes has enough weapons this year in a brutal conference.

3. The Saints are definitely the sleeper team this year, the NFC has never been so wide-open!

4. Caleb Williams, you are a Cardinal! (exit room..)

5. Calvin Ridley is going to go off this year, I’d bet on it!

6. I just don’t see the 49ers losing a game this year, not with that roster!

7. You have to love the audacity of Dan Campbell going for it on his own 20 – other teams need to take more risks!

8. I think Kyle Pitts finally gets it together this year.

9. I’m just not a believer in the Bears hype, I need to see it on the field first.

10. Super interested to see if the Eagles can replicate last year’s success. Great draft class but I have my reservations.

There it is ladies 10 one-liners to drop for the NFL season. Remember, drop the line, and get out of there!

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