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Should the 49ers Trade for Julio Jones?

Will the 49ers trade for Julio Jones? That is the burning question all 49er fans want to know. Depending on which gambling site you look at the 49ers are in the top 3 best odds to land him. There is obvious comfortability with Shanahan and Julio and there is no doubt the 49ers give him the best shot at his first Super Bowl ring. In two years together in ATL Julio had 3,280 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns.

I personally think the 49ers should pull the trigger and do what it takes to land Julio. The 49ers have a Super Bowl ready roster and after this year should have a ton of cap space when we trade/cut Jimmy G. Rumors are flying saying it would take a 2nd rounder and probably another day 3 pick. If that is true, this decision should be an absolute no brainer. A 2022 2nd rounder and a 2022 4th rounder I think gets the deal done with Atlanta. I don’t care who is at quarterback no one is stopping an offense with Julio, Kittle, Ayuik, Deebo, and a top 5 running game.

While this would leave the team with minimal draft capital in 2022 the 49ers would still have two 3rd round picks and only one true hole on the roster being in the secondary. Julio has had some injury concerns and will be 31 entering the season but if he can give the 49ers 12 good regular season games and be healthy for all playoff games, I say the trade is worth it.

Verdict: Go Get Julio fricken Jones!

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