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Packer Week

What a fun time to be a 49er fan. In the Divisional round against a team that we have dominated in the playoffs for over a decade. Aaron Rodgers’ record against the 49ers in the playoffs is 0-3 vs. THREE different QBs (Smith, Kaep, and Jimmy). I know the Packers are 8-0 at home and I know they beat us in Week 3, but man there is no team I’d rather face in this round than the Packers. So, let’s take a look at what we need to do to win.

We must run the ball well. That’s a given. In Week 3, Elijah Mitchell didn’t play and Sermon had 10 carries for just 31 yards. That won’t get it done this week. Shockingly, we should have still won that game and only lost by 2, so throw in a good running game (per usual) and I like our chances. I expect Deebo to do his thing and have a big day, but I think we need more production from Kittle. A combination of cold weather and a good secondary, this just feels like a game where Kittle makes tough catches and has a few explosive plays where he breaks 10 tackles. And then it comes back to good ole Jimmy G, he has got to play turnover free football. We’re undefeated when that happens but I even if he throws a pick, we can still win this game. It just can’t be a multiple turnover day from Jimmy.

On the defensive side we need to get to Rodgers with rushing just 4. Which I see no problem as BOSA has been cleared to play. I would line him up on the right side to avoid Bakhtiari who is looking like he will play as well. If the defense can create just one turnover, we have a really good chance to win this game. Can’t bank on Rodgers ever throwing a pick but I think a strip sack is where we get one. We have owned the Packers in the playoffs, there is no reason to stop tomorrow!

Bonus Picks! I see nothing but upsets this week.

Bengals over Titans

49ers over Packers

Rams over Bucs

Chiefs over Bills

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