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Must Watch Games of the 2021 Season

The NFL schedule is officially released! A great moment for fans where they can review their team's schedule and say, “oh yeah, 17-0. EASY.” Or if you’re like me, go look at the top Fantasy Football player rankings and see who has the easiest schedule, because it’s never too soon to think about your fantasy draft. Regardless, it means that we are one step closer to having football BACK! And that is F’ing awesome.

Here is a breakdown of the best games from all 18 weeks (yes 18 now).

Week 1: Browns @ Chiefs

Tough break for Cleveland who comes into the season with high expectations to start in Kansas City. KC should be on a revenge tour all year long after the embarrassing loss in the Super Bowl and I wouldn’t want to be the team who has to face their fury in week 1. Expect Mahomes to light it up even with an improved Cleveland defense and throw at least 3 TDs in the opener.

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Week 2: Cowboys @ Chargers

There are a few good games this weekend that made it close to this pick such as Rams vs. Colts and Chiefs vs. Ravens but hear me out. You have two really good young QBs in Dak and Herbert and I expect both of them to absolutely light up the scoreboard. In a game with a ton of explosive offensive weapons, both teams should score well over 30 points and be one of the more entertaining games of the year.

Winner: Los Angeles Chargers

Week 3: Buccaneers @ Rams

What a fun matchup this should be. Newly acquired Matt Stafford should have a very nice year statistically with McVay's creativity and all the weapons the Rams have on the outside. Even with strong defense's from both teams, I expect the Rams and defending champs to put up some points and entertain the LA crowd. This one should go down to the wire, but I’ve lost enough money betting against Tom Brady in close games.

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 4: Buccaneers @ Patriots

This is hands down the greatest revenge game of all time. All-time petty Tom Brady has to be ecstatic at the opportunity to return to Foxborough and put the beatdown on his old team. I’m sure people will say Belichick knows him best and will have some great game plan, and I’m sure he will, but it won’t matter. Brady has the far superior team and no one on planet earth will be more motivated that day to be great at their job than Tom Brady. I hope Brady throws 6 TDs and they keep pouring it on late even if they're up 20+ just to stick it to his old team. Oh boy, I can’t wait for this one.

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 5: Bills @ Chiefs

The two best teams in the AFC go head-to-head in week 5. Any time you get to have Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen on the same field you will be entertained for all 4 quarters. The Bills did a great job addressing their defensive needs in the off-season, but I still believe they are a year or two away from taking the AFC crown from Kansas City. Expect Mahomes revenge tour to continue in this one.

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Week 6: Chargers @ Ravens

Both teams should be playoff contenders this year and a fun matchup. Lamar always puts on a show and the Ravens added two exciting rookie WRs to finally help him in the passing game. The Chargers should be one of the more fun teams to watch this year and Justin Herbert is my dark horse pick to win MVP. Herbert will be too much for the Ravens down the stretch and I am sure Keenan Allen will make plays late to pull off the W for LA.

Winner: Los Angeles Chargers

Week 7: Colts @ 49ers

Took me a whole 7 weeks to get a 49ers game on this list! Deforest Buckner’s first game back to SF since being traded and he has a loaded defense he is bringing with him. These teams won’t be lighting up the scoreboard in this one but just a ton of All-Pro players on both sides of the ball should make a fantastic game. 49ers at home and coming off their bye week get the win.

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Week 8: Packers @ Cardinals

Whenever these two teams play it reminds me of the WILDY entertaining 2010 Wild Card matchup between these two teams where Arizona won 51-45. Kurt Warner vs. Aaron Rodgers was an all-time matchup with both throwing for over 350 yards and 4TD+ each. But I digress, in 2021 these two teams are still a great matchup! Hopefully AJ Green isn’t on injured reserved already and we get to see Green, Hopkins, and Kyler play together. It’s tough to pick against a team with Aaron Rodgers at QB (unless he is playing the 49ers) but I have AZ pulling this one out. A weakened Packers O-line will have their hands full with JJ Watt, Chandler Jones, and first-round pick Zaven Collins.

Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Week 9: Packers @ Chiefs

Two weeks in a row for GB on the must-watch list and a tough back-to-back road matchup facing Kansas City. Expect lots of points in this one and all offensive weapons in this matchup should enjoy great days for their respective fantasy football owners. Shootouts aren’t the way to beat Mahomes though and I have Kansas City outscoring the Pack and handing them a second straight loss.

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Week 10: Falcons @ Cowboys

If the Falcons keep Julio Jones, they will be a fun team to watch every single week. This matchup could be the highest-scoring game all year. Both Dak and Matt Ryan have 3 elite targets and neither team plays an ounce of defense which should make for a fun one at Jerry World. Cowboys come back late, and the Falcons blow another lead.

Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Week 11: Colts @ Bills

Watching Josh Allen and Stephon Diggs on offensive last year was awesome and I expect even bigger things this year from the duo. The Colts who made the playoffs last year get better with Wentz at QB and he enjoys a bounce-back season. The man to watch is second-year Colts running back Jonathan Taylor who should have a monster year. He proves to be too much for Buffalo and the Colts defense gets some timely turnovers.

Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Week 12: Browns @ Ravens

Nothing like a divisional rivalry game late in the year. Two tough teams with high expectations battle it out for the division. For the first time, Cleveland seems to have the upper hand and this turns out to be a statement win for the Cleveland Browns franchise. Baker overtakes Lamar late and the Browns use this momentum to win the AFC North.

Winner: Cleveland Browns

Week 13: 49ers @ Seahawks

Speaking of rivalries, these two teams always deliver fantastic regular-season games. This game should have major consequences for who wins the NFC West and hopefully, Trey Lance will be the starting man this late in the season. If the 49ers can slow down Metcalf just a little, they should pull out a tough win in enemy territory.

Winner: San Francisco 49ers

Week 14: Bills @ Bucs

Two of the very best square off and a possible Super Bowl matchup. I want to pick the Bills here, but the Bucs roster is just too loaded to bet against at home. Bucs continue to roll defending their Super Bowl title.

Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 15: Cowboys @ Giants

A lot of games could have been picked here, Chargers vs. Chiefs, Packers vs. Ravens, or Rams vs. Seahawks but this NFC East battle has me excited. If the Giants can stay healthy, they have as good an offense from a skill-level position as any in the league with Saquon, Golladay, Engram, Shepard, Toney, and Slayton. I expect this division to go down to the final week of the season so both teams should be at their absolute best in this one. The Giants have a much better defense than the Cowboys and that is what will be the difference in this one.

Winner: New York Giants

Week 16: Rams @ Vikings

The Vikings make an appearance on the must-watch list! Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook are two of the best players to watch in the NFL and both shine for MIN against the Rams. The Rams struggle on the road and Minnesota’s revamped defense led by Patrick Peterson and the return of Danielle Hunter pull off the upset.

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Week 17: Rams @ Ravens

I can watch Lamar run around all damn day. I don’t have either team winning their division, which means this game is of the utmost importance for both. Expect a highly contested game that should come down to the final seconds. Stafford proves he is an upgrade over Goff and leads the team on a game-winning drive to end it.

Winner: Los Angeles Rams

Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

Sounds weird to say week 18 but here we are. Now at first glance, this game may not fire you up, but I think it has the making for a classic. The Bengals who should be exciting to watch with Burrow, Chase, Mixon, Higgins, and Boyd on offense have a great chance at playing spoiler here. The Browns could need a win to secure the AFC North and the Bengals are the last thing standing in their way. Baker plays mistake-free football, and the run game of the Browns becomes too much for the Bengals in a high-scoring affair.

Winner: Cleveland Browns

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