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How Bout Them Cowboys!

What a win for the 49ers!!! To no surprise of the faithful, we took down the choke artists known as the Dallas Cowboys. So, let’s examine.

How bout the 40-million-dollar man Dak Prescott throwing for 254 yards on a pitiful 53% completion rate with a 1:1 TD to INT ration.

How bout the 15 million dollar/year RB Zeke rushing for a miserable 31 yards on 2.6 per carry.

How bout first-round pick Ceedee Lamb with one catch for 21 yards. Can you imagine people thinking he is better than Aiyuk?

How bout superstar Micah Parsons who somehow made first-team All-Pro over Nick BOSAAAAA with a whopping ZERO sacks.

How bout the Cowboys as a team getting ZERO sacks.

How bout that Super Bowl winning coach Mike McCarthy, who the game definitelyyyyy hasn’t passed by and totally knows how to manage a game clock. Kids in Madden know more of how to manage a clock than this Bum. But he does fit in well with the culture of Dem Cowboys, as he too likes to choke in big games.

How bout Kellen Moore, the hot head coaching candidate calling a terrible game where the Cowboys could barely move the ball.


Green Bay you’re next!!!

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