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Fantasy Football - Trade em or Keep em

If there is one thing I love as much as my 49ers, it is fantasy football. I will be doing fantasy updates periodically throughout the year and no better time to start than after Week 1 overreactions. I will cover players you should already look to get off your team and players that simply need more time.

Run for the Hills

Saquon Barkley – Let me preface this with Saquon is one of my favorite players in the NFL. I love him so much that years ago I got into an argument with my roommate at a work event after he said Saquon sucks that became so aggressive that I almost got fired for let’s just say using not “appropriate” language. So, my love for Saquon is there. However, between still battling an injury from last season, an abysmal O-line, and Danny Dimes shortchanging us (see what I did there?) I am in full panic mode after a 27 total yard performance in Week 1. The big name is still there, and I hope he turns it around, but I would trade him while the value is still relatively high.

Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers – Now Saquon is a popular pick for trade bait after Week 1. But that’s not why you come to Red and Gold Rundown, you come for the hot takes, so here is one for ya! The two for one Rodgers and Adams. I know I know it was just one week, but this is the year allllllllllll that Packer drama finally unfolds on the field and as a fantasy owner you want no part of it. Adams will finish as a top 20 WR and Rodgers will be around top12ish but compared to where you drafted these guys, that’s terrible value. Imagine the player you could get for Davante Adams right now? Maybe a DeAndre Hopkins or DK Metcalf? Go get a guy in a better situation that is a safe WR1. If you can handle the risk, I’d look to move Rodgers for a Jalen Hurts, Matt Stafford, or Justin Herbert, all of whom should have monster seasons.

Jameis Winston – Another guy I really like and who will probably win 10 games this year but just don’t want as my fantasy QB1. 5 TDs is amazing but only throwing for 148 yards is not only concerning but also impressive to have that many TDs and that few of yards. That must be some sort of record. While he is probably the hottest waiver wire pickup, I think fantasy owners will be in for some fool’s gold here. Excellent trade bait if you happened to get him and strike while the iron’s hot.

Don’t Panic, Stay the Course

Ezekiel Elliot – As a Zeke owner in one of my 3 leagues he really sucked Week 1 with just 39 total yards. However, I thought he looked fresh and much quicker than last year. He played the top run Defense in the league and the Cowboys just didn’t give him the ball. I expect a nice bounce back against the Chargers as they allowed 4.5 yards per carry to Antonio Gibson the week before. Zeke prediction: 100 yards and a TD.

King Henry – His name went from Derrick to King; do I need to say more?

Najee Harris and Javonte Williams - Two rookie RBs I loved coming into fantasy gave us a big dud week one. They’re rookies, it happens. Both had tough opponents and should be bounce back candidates this week. Volume is the name of the game in fantasy and they both should see plenty of it throughout the season.

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